Aesthetic Medical Lasers, LLC also provides many financing options for the convenience of its customers. Financing a laser through a financial institution who is not familiar with the aesthetic industry can be very challenging and time consuming. We work with the all of the major lenders in the aesthetic laser industry who know how to get this very specialized type of medical equipment approved and know how to provide the best rates.

We offer standard leases as well as leases with all or some of these choices, pending credit approval:

  • No money down.
  • No payments for 90-180 days.
  • Leases with tiers of step payments.
  • Terms from 12 – 84 months.
  • Guaranteed 10% buy out option.
  • Guaranteed $1.00 buy out.
  • No early payoff penalties.
  • Leases for doctors and non-doctors alike.
  • Leases for start up businesses.

Leasing offers may advantages over bank loans for most businesses. In most cases, leasing offers a lower amount of down payment required, lower monthly payments, the ability to write off the entire payment as a business expense, and the choice to purchase or return the equipment at the end of the contract. Please contact your own tax adviser to see what is right for your particular situation.

Please also note that the economic stimulus bill of the IRS tax code section 179 for 2021 has just been increased to allow you to deduct 100% of your equipment acquisition cost up to $1,050,000. This means you could lease equipment with little or no out of pocket payments and get at tax deduction savings of up to about $350,000! Please contact your own tax advisor to see what is right for your particular situation; the example assumes $1,000,000 purchase and 35% tax bracket.

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We also take all major credit cards.