Pallas 311nm UVB Laser


The Pallas laser, by Laseroptek, uses a Titanium:Sapphire laser head that is 100% solid state.

  • The Pallas has no gas, no chamber, no mirrors in the gas chamber, and no thyratron that need to be replaced EVER.
  • The Pallas uses a hollow articulated arm that never needs to be replaced EVER.
  • The Pallas has no fiber that needs to be replaced annually.
  • The Pallas makes 311nm or 308nm light. 311nm has been proven 1.7 times more effective than 308nm with more T-cell apoptosis and less erythema.
  • The Pallas has a modem colorful 10.4” display.
  • The Pallas is a laser and is FDA approved to be billed under the UVB laser codes 96920, 96921, and 96922.
  • The Pallas is smaller and lighter than other excimer lasers.
  • The Pallas laser is purchased or financed, with no expensive code fees ever.